One day I will fall from the sky

As some of you may know, on the 20th February 2017 I booked to do a skydive.

It’s something that has been on my bucket-list since May 2015 when I visited Australia. Opportunities to do a skydive arose once we reached Cairns, however it was a lot costlier than in the UK, and I decided that if I was doing it, I would do it for charity.

So it became one of those things where you kind of always want to do it, but never think you’ll get round to it.

However, in February, a combination of talking to a friend who had already completed his first tandem skydive and seeing an ad pop up on Facebook (oh so conveniently) made me think, screw it, let’s do it. Β Right there and then in my Buyer Behaviour lecture at uni, I paid the Β£50 deposit and secured my fall date. I decided to raise money for Wave 105 Cash for Kids, who help underprivileged children in the South. There are so many charities I support and woud have loved to raise money for through this skydive, however this charity was actually doing their own Skydive Day on the 25th June and I love what they do, so I decided to go ahead with it!

Roll round 25th June, my skydive date. I woke up at 5am, nervous but mainly excited. The nerve was partially to do with the fall but partially because the skydives for the previous Saturday and Friday had both been cancelled due to weather conditions, so I was worried that the same would happen to me. Low and behold, I recieved a text at about half five in the morning saying the weather was unsuitable.


At the time I was annoyed because it was beautifully clear and sunny outside and I had been so pumped to do it that day. However, I went out shopping later that day and it was so, so windy I was almost being knocked over on the way back to the car and then I understood exactly why it had been cancelled! It’s one of those things you can’t be too safe with, so I happily rebooked my skydive for 26th August.

Unfortunately, another hurdle has come up in my quest to do a skydive! From the end of July my health levels began getting worse and I found myself constantly tired, feeling (and being!) sick, and overall not feeling myself. When I say tired, I don’t mean ‘could do with a nap’ – I mean being finding everyday tasks nigh on impossible and brain fog so bad being unable to form sentences properly!

After going to the GP and doing some tests I found that not only had my iron levels almost completely depleted, they had fallen dramatically from the normal, healthy level they had been at two months earlier, with no apparent cause. I was prescribed iron tablets to take immediately. Quite often anaemia comes from heavy periods (not applicable to me), pregnancy (definitely not applicable!) or poor diet (my diet has not changed in the last few years). As an otherwise perfectly healthy 21 year old who has regularly donated blood since turning 17, it is baffling and confusing as to why my body has suddenly got so low on iron!

Sadly, low red blood cell count / anaemia is one of the things you need to be careful with when you’re doing a skydive and you need a doctor to sign your medical form. However, with less than two weeks until my skydive date, and underwaiting further medical tests as to what exactly is going on with my body, it seemed that unfortunately this was not going to happen.

After talking to the skydiving company and my GPs surgery it turned out the GP was very apprehensive about signing the medical form especially as it’s still a mystery why my iron dropped so low so quickly, and they’re not sure yet how I’m going to react with the iron tablets. Plus, I was advised it was ideal not to take risks, and I’m sure I’d rather be in tip-top condition if I’m falling from 15,000 feet! These last few weeks I have felt more unwell than I ever have before, and I need to put my health first.

So, to cut a very boring and long story short (props to you if you made it this far) I will be doing my skydive on Sunday 22nd October. I am DETERMINED my health will be so much better and weather permitting, I will be there and ready to absolutely smash it – and I absolutely cannot wait to share the inevitably hiliarious videos and photos that’ll be taken of me on the day! xx


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