May, 2017

Life definitely got in the way of everything in May. This month just gone has been one of the hardest to deal with and I’m so glad that it’s finally finished. Exams are always a source of stress, when you have SIX heavily weighted exams that’s definitely going to bring you down. I always consider myself someone who doesn’t get stressed, until exam period comes around, when I realise that in fact, sometimes I do.

I’m so relieved this month is over. I don’t like writing months or even days off as ‘bad’ but May was long and nothing seemed to grow. It seemed like life was put on hold and everything felt a bit stagnant. Perhaps it was just student life catching up on me, but I didn’t spend May feeling my best, either.

It’s now June and I’m freshly showered, in freshly washed sheets, ready to start my first day as a PR and marketing intern tomorrow morning, a green juice prepared for tomorrow morning and Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert playing in the background. Life is slowly getting better. I’m looking forward to spending my summer outside, spending it with family and friends, and feeling good about myself, before starting back at university in Cardiff come beginning of September.

I’m still not sure where I want this blog to develop. I’m not sure what I’m doing in my life right now, full stop. But for once in my life I’m getting used to writing things, and not instantly deleting them / throwing them away. I am warming to the idea of having an archive of my life saved for me to look back on. If I was the type of person to regret things I would regret not saving all my notebooks / diaries from when I was a teenager as they would make bloody good reading. Maybe I’ll just keep writing crap here in this little space on the internet until I figure out what on Earth I’m meant to be doing.

Working out what I’m meant to be doing is so not my priority at the moment, though, least not this week. This week’s priorities are smashing this week of work, scheduling in plans for the summer, and hopefully getting in the sunshine.




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